Wat kun je hier zoal lezen of zelf doen?

Als je graag alleen wat rond snuffelt is het okay en als je graag wat actiever deelneemt via commentaar / suggesties is dat natuurlijk super okay.

Coffee Table

Brockville, Ontario, CanadaPosted by Eduard 25 May, 2009 13:50

The table frame is based on crossed rectangulars made from oak and a cut-out of a Granite Block. The Granite is found in Napanee, about 105 Km west from Brockville.
It's all nature, no bolts or nuts. The Granite will be sealed with Tung-Oil and with that the collors of the stone will be shown clearly. The wooden joints are all 35 mm deep Mortise and Tenon. The granite dimensions are 1200x1000 mm x 41 mm thick

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