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El Banquito

Brockville, Ontario, CanadaPosted by Eduard 27 Feb, 2011 08:36
like to share my latest creation of a Two Seat. It is made from Ash Wood, a strong and high grained wood. The curved seat feels very comfortable for our butt's. The 4 legs are curved in 3 direction. His name is "El Banquito".

I found the wood on a kind of yard sale, an old woodworker was cleaning out his barn. The wood was 13mm to 20mm thick, about 250mm in width and 2,5 m long. After I dried the wood for a month I started to sort out by grain and thickness and cut them roughly to the lengths for the seat part and legs. To get my thickness for the project I glued-up 3 layers of the Ash wood, later on I experienced I could have done a better job because of the wood grain direction.

On an old band saw I have in the factory I shaped the heavy slats of wood. Also on this part I learned quite a few things. The left overs from the hollow side are used to create the bottom belly side. (yep, no waste)

The toughest part yet to come, fine shaping with plane, chisel and sander, ... was for sure good for my belly.

The finish is done with Tung Oil, no paint, just pure Tung Oil, a finish used on all my woodwork projects.

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Posted by eduard 26 Sep, 2013 10:57

Now in Belgium, he still serves my butt and time makes him really nice to look at.